I have never thought of it that way. I am actually satisfied and I think it’s best for me and for our members that Leeteuk is the leader. I’m impatient and easily mad, so I can cause a big problem to our members, and I don’t think our love for each other could be this deep if I was the leader.
But Leeteuk always takes care of the members rather than himself. He always thinks it’s “Members before me” standard.

If two members were having a fight, Leeteuk doesn’t stop them.
He watches them fight, and when the fight seems to stop then he quietly steps in and says, “I don’t care who caused the fight. If you two get over it, apologize to each other then.”

But when members aren’t listening, or starts complaining in a broadcasting station, Leeteuk can get furious. Then Leeteuk does that. He yells at the member furiously, but then in the end, he hugs the member and says, “I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m sorry I didn’t understand.”

– Heechul being asked about if he was ever disappointed or sad that he didn’t become the leader but Leeteuk did.

Teukie, the best leader EVER<333 my angel without wings<3


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