Reactions from the members after Kyuhyun ranks himself number 4 in terms of “good looks”…

No. 1 Siwon laughs at the adorableness of Kyuhyun.
No. 2 Donghae is used to Kyuhyun’s modesty – or lack thereof.
No. 3 Heechul is a little upset because the last time he looked in the mirror, it told him he was fucking beautiful.
Shindong, Sungmin, and Leeteuk are thoroughly amused by this.  
Eunhyuk’s in shock – the blond hair was supposed to be his ticket to the top five. 
Yesung smiles because they all know he wins the contest based on the contents of his nether regions. 

Ryeowook’s reaction is the best… “Tch, this bitch.” 

Oh my god.


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